Start from the beginning. Tell me about the day you started this battle. Tell me the struggles you face, and the family supporting you.

Now take a moment to remember how strong you are, remember those around you who are fighting with you.

Let me show you this strong woman living life with cancer. Let me show you this woman who has not been defeated. Let me show you her passion. Her drive. Her beauty.

Let’s change your life. Let us turn the camera towards you and show you the story of the strong individual we see in front of us.
— Katrina Lynn

This is where our journey began. One person trying to become more. One person understanding that she has the power to inspire others. That what has happened to her does not define her. She began to believe that by helping others and lifting them up only made her stronger. That she is not alone, and as she grew, she learned that there are others fighting the same fight. Women just like her looking for support.


She began to truly understand EVERYONE has their own complex story. That even with the rise of Social Celebrities and what we see in those little square boxes, no ones life is without trials. Since then she has been working for over 7 years growing herself and her company, until one day she could leave everything behind, and truly serve others.